Review: Brita Water Filter Jug

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sticking to your New Years Resolutions can be quite a challenge. I didn't set any this year as I wanted to make small changes at my own pace so I wouldn't feel disappointed if I missed a day. One of my main goals this year is to drink more water, as a student nurse you would think I should take my own advice! 

When Brita got into contact with me I thought this would be a great incentive to start the new year off the right way. I have been using the Brita Water Jug (1.4l) which filters out the impurities of normal tap water which you are able to keep cold and fresh in your fridge. They also come in a range of colours from clear white to sun kissed red! 

It's a great addition to the fridge, it's practical and my whole family use it now! I takes up a little bit of room in the fridge but does fit comfortably in the door. It's simple to use and to change the filter when necessary. The water filters through very quickly so you don't have to wait long at all and you can keep track of the levels to know when to top it up; unlike ones already situated in your fridge. The one we have in our fridge you cannot see the level of water and it's difficult to replace and replenish.

I have noticed a difference in the quality of the water, it tastes fresh and also by it being in the fridge it's a refreshing and clean feeling. I have yet to see how it differs when I use water in baking however I have tried it when making smoothies and a soup recipe. It seemed to make the soup smoother, I haven't done a direct comparison although by using the filter it reduces the presence of heavy metals and limescale from your tap water. Over a period of time by filtering you may be protecting your kettle and other appliances from a limescale build up which is always a positive!

If you would like some recipe ideas for smoothies and soups let me know in the comments below!

You can buy them from a range of places such as Amazon for only £10.49 with free delivery and Dunelm Mill - £12.79. The filter cartridges are also available to buy in packs also when you need to top up!

Have you set any New Years Resolutions? Let me know how they are going in the comments below :)

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