Homeware Wishlist!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Moving out and into somewhere brand new is scary and thrilling at the same time. Having only moved into 'halls', which is University accommodation in the UK, I've had some experience however going into my second year I'll be moving into my own house for the year! In the next three months I'll be packing all over again and collecting homely, cosy items. I decided to create a wishlist using products from several UK shops such as Next and Dotcomgiftshop - I can always hope!

To make you feel right at home, you need some calming, familiar smells. I love the Yankee Candles, especially the Danish Butter Cookie candle(Not in production anymore :( ). Light it up in the living room when moving in and in my bedroom when settling down for the night. Couldn't be any better. This product is from Very.

Dotcomgiftshop is the place to get bowls and mugs of all kinds; they are unique, quirky and so special. Must have for a new house or as a gift for a friend. I've bought several things from this site, great products of high quality. This product is from Dotcomgiftshop.

I love baking and sharing things I make with family and friends. So why not store them away in cute tins in your kitchen. Also for sneaky little trips to the kitchen late at night to have a spoon full of cake...shhh, nobody would know. This product is from Dotcomgiftshop.

I've always been one for quotes and signs, bringing family into that makes it even better for me. Moving into my house for 2nd year will probably make me miss home even more. I love travelling but at the slightest chance to go back home and visit my family and friends I will do at the drop of a hat. University make you appreciate everything a lot more; this sign is a perfect reminder. This product is from Debenhams.

As I've said before, I love baking and I have always wanted a mixer like this! This is literally my dream, country style mixer. I would have to have it on display in my kitchen if I actually had it. This product is from Next.

Cakes and stands go hand in hand. This lovely light pink stand would be perfect for displaying a cake or some cupcakes for a get together. This product is from Dotcomgiftshop.

Collecting memories, one of the most sentimental things you can do. Capturing those moments and displaying them for a life time. This would be perfect in a bedroom or a living room, perfect for all those memories and stories to share. This product is from Debenhams.

Dainty little cups for a true Brit who loves a good cuppa' tea! Would be good if they did a four pack of different cups.  This product is from Dotcomgiftshop.

Dotcomgiftshop, Next and Debenhams are only a few of the homeware sites that have some beautiful products. My favourite has to be Dotcomgiftshop for it's quirky and unique products. Also another site Muji is one to check out! 

I would love to see you wishlists to help me out for when I move!